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30 Jan

A scientific discovery by Melbourne Researchers, Drs. Carl Walkley and his team at St.Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research(SVIMR) Australia, offering sufferers of the 5th most common cancer in children a glimmer of hope.
The survival rate for Osteosarcoma, a tumour of the bone, has remained unchanged for 3 decades.
The researchers at SVIMR has uncovered how a key hormone and receptor helps the tumour survive, paving the way to better treatments.
Dr. Walkley said patients who have recurrent Osteosarcoma,or a metastasis have a 20-30 percent survival rate at 5 years.
This research paper was published in the journal Oncogene and it has been supported by the Cancer Council Victoria, National Health and Medical Research Council and Cure Cancer Australia.

See full news report on the 30th September issue in Herald Sun

Osteosarcoma is a relatively rare cancer, although it is the most common primary malignancy to arise from the bone.

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