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14 Aug

It is such a privilege to assist parents bringing their babies into the world as a midwife. A sacred and wonderful experience to be in, in this private ritual of a new life.

Andrew came into the world surrounded and assisted by many health professionals for he was held back by his own umbilical cord. He came out eventually screaming and as if he had already had his bath. Clean as a whistle. Remembering him being placed into my arms was like a magical dream event. I was in awe of this beautiful precious gift so perfect, and he had chosen his dad and I, to be his parents. I am his mother. That moment was priceless and the most cherished.

Andrew was a very active, happy and inquisitive child, always exploring and trying to understand the world around him. One day, when he was in his crawling stage, we discovered that he had a love of wild life by seeing him on his knees with a tiny red and black coloured ladybug in his hand. Trying to stop him putting something in his mouth, he proved to be quicker than us. We were 50% successful as we found only 50% of the ladybug in his little hand. At the age around 1 year old, he was experimenting with different foods, taste and texture. You could say he was just testing things out when he was trying to eat the pebbles from the garden. We were there watching and he thought it tasted strange, and spat it out.

Children and shopping don’t go together, as we soon discovered that in Andrew who was around 3 years old. His dad, Andrew and I went out shopping. Of course, it only take a split second, and he had already let go of his dad’s hand and wandered off, in the shop. Frantically looking for him, we noticed a small group of shoppers gathered round a cash till in the shop, laughing. We quickly went to have a look and lo and behold, we found our Andrew! He had his little head stuck between 2 railings of a high bench. We wondered why the shoppers were laughing and not helping him, until we see Andrew could easily get himself free, by just tilting his little head sideways to come out between the railings.

Energetic and so full of life and always helpful in the house, Andrew loves copying what we do, especially at this age of 2 to 3 years old milestones. We never see the tantrums of ‘terrible twos or threes’ in Andrew. One day he was helping his dad wash his brand new car, until his dad realised he was using a little stone which he had picked up from the garden path, and used it as another sponge to assist his dad. Still he was trying to help.

Growing up Andrew had always been pretty healthy, had the usual coughs and colds, earaches sometimes when he was teething. He grew out of his childhood asthma and eczema in a short period of time. He had been a healthy child, into his adolesecent and teenage years.

These and many other adventures helped Andrew in his formative years became the person we saw as a grounded, happy, kind and driven young man, a perfectionist.

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