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14 Aug

It is such a privilege to assist parents bringing their babies into the world as a midwife. A sacred and wonderful experience to be in, in this private ritual of a new life. Andrew came into the world surrounded and assisted by many health professionals for he was held back by his own umbilical cord. He came out eventually screaming and as if he had already had his bath. Clean as a whistle. Remembering him being placed into my arms…..

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30 May

This book is written in honour of my beautiful son, Andrew. Acknowledging the journey he had taken, the toughest challenge of his life and he had come up a champion and a hero in our eyes, his parents. He had also become an inspiration to many who knew him, others who knew him well, and many who heard about him, and those who loved him, like his families overseas, his grandmother, uncles, aunties and cousins and friends. There is no…..

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