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Beyond Courage

About The Book

Andrew was diagnosed with chondroblastic osteosarcoma on his 21st birthday after a pathological fracture. For 15 gruelling months, he underwent 10 operations including major surgeries to initially replace his cancerous left fractured femur and knee joint. He also went through 16 rounds of chemotherapy, ending with the amputation of his left hip and leg and ultimately his young life at 22 years and three months on the 23rd of November 2008. His cancer journey showed his palpable courage, his tenacity and fortitude to the very end.

This book aims to bring awareness of this rare and one of the “forgotten cancers,” and hope to help other families who may be facing this insidious bone cancer. It will appeal to a wide variety of people – people who have had family members with cancer; people who knows of people with cancer or have had cancers themselves, especially those with children aged between eight to 25 years old, as this is the time of major bone growth and these ages are most at risk of contracting this bone cancer, called osteosarcoma.

Insightful and greatly moving, “Beyond Courage” does not only let readers experience the admirable courage of a man whose prime of life came to a sudden halt, but it also sheds more light into osteosarcoma and its intricacies.