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12 May
This is very encouraging news! Author Chris Lancashire in her autobiography called ‘Beyond Courage” is highlighting this ‘Forgotten Cancers Project” launched on the 26th August 2011. In this project 15 ‘Target Cancers ‘ had been selected for specific reasons such as poor survival rate and or limited understanding of their causes. One of these Target Cancers is bone cancer. In her book, the author is raising community and global awareness of this rarest bone cancer, Chondroblastic Osteosarcoma.
Read below : Report from Rare Cancers AUSTRALIA- A focus on less common cancers
January 23, 2015.
World-first project on rare cancers

Cancer researchers are targeting what they’re calling the forgotten cancers in a world-first project involving 30,000 Australians.

While the “big five” of lung, prostate, breast, bowel and skin cancer make up 60 per cent of all diagnoses, more than half the cancer deaths in Australia are caused by less common or under-researched types of the disease.
Cancer Council Victoria chief executive Todd Harper says these rare types, such as liver, brain and bone cancer, are killers because little is known about their causes or effective treatment.
“They don’t attract the same level of funding support from mainstream support organisations, yet generally the survival rates for these cancers is much poorer,” Mr Harper said.
“We simply don’t have the same level of knowledge about the early detection and causes that we do with the more common cancers.”
The Forgotten Cancers Project hopes to collect data from 15,000 participants – 1000 sufferers of each of the 15 rare strains – to build a research platform.
A further 15,000 people who have a family member suffering from a rare type of cancer will also be targeted.
“We’re looking at it as an opportunity to collect genetic information as well as behavioural and lifestyle data from the people in the study,” Mr Harper said.

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